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Since 1973 Spetz Productions has been a leader in the mascot industry. We manufacture costumes for universities, sports teams, corporations, media -- wherever professional mascots are needed. Our specialty is custom design, creating high-performance mascots to suit your individual needs. We have a worldwide list of clients from Coke to Kodak, from NASA to NASCAR -- all receive our undivided attention to detail. And our high school division offers the same top quality within your school's budget.

What makes Spetz Productions mascots better than the rest? Our costumes are built with performance in mind. That means your mascot has the mobility and durability you need. Your Spetz mascot will last 7-12 years with proper care, longer than any other mascots. No kidding -- they're strong!

We can create a new mascot design for you or one based on your design. Ballpark estimates are available from information you provide via e-mail. Or you can call us to receive a detailed design quote. Either way, you'll get our special attention to your project.

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