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Spetz Productions will design a mascot that effectively represents your organization. Mascots are the best marketing tools ever created! Designed properly, they provide instant, positive recognition for a company or product.

From chickens to martians, we can create memorable mascots for any industry. Our mascots have opened legislative sessions, visited the White House, and starred in Hollywood movies.

Spetz Productions designs corporate mascots with image, comfort and performance in mind, recognizing your specific needs and the function of each mascot. A bear is not a bear when you are targeting an audience. Piedy Bear comforts children at a hospital; the Kodak Color Bear displays a rainbow of colors. We know that details matter when it comes to your company image. And we know the prestige of a corporate image because we've been designing corporate mascots for more than 30 years.

Piedy Bear and
Kodak Color Bear
project different
corporate images,
even though
both are bears.

We realize the value of comfort and mobility because we also design sports mascots. Our fabrics wick away perspiration, so your performer is comfortable -- a comfortable mascot is a friendly mascot. Your Spetz mascot will have the mobility to cheerfully and safely greet visitors, make a grand entrance, or sit quietly with a child. Our lightweight heads allow your performer to see and move easily in a crowd. Spetz mascots can dance, twirl, hop, tumble, and drive a golf ball. You'll discover unlimited possibilities for your Spetz mascot!

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