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True custom design and quality construction have been hallmarks of Spetz Productions for 30 years. Your needs are special, and your mascot design must uniquely address those needs. We consider all the aspects of your mascot and its purpose during the design development. We're ready to meet your deadlines and consult your performers so the mascot stays at peak performance level.

Our college mascots have earned the Universal Cheerleaders Association's top mascot award eight times since the 1980s. In 2003 three of the seven top college mascots featured on CNN and ESPN were Spetz Productions clients.

All Spetz mascots are custom-designed, not pulled from inventory. We create high school mascots and Olympics mascots with the same materials, techniques and attention to detail -- no short cuts. We don't use mass-production techniques or cheap materials intended for short-term use. Our presentation folder has complete design information. If you are developing your organization's mascot, keep some important points in mind.

A well-designed mascot will be more popular and durable than a cheap one. Spetz mascots are user-friendly: easy to see out of, and easy to wear. Our mascots weigh only 10-12 pounds, compared to an industry average of 20-35 pounds. Our heads only weigh 1-2 pounds, and some can even be machine washed and dried: honest! Our mascot feet have been developed and refined over the years, and we believe they are unsurpassed for durability, adjustability, and mobility.

The 1980 Winter Olympics sponsor stated that our raccoon mascot could perform 12 of 13 Olympic events. He couldn't steer the luge, but he could skate, downhill slalom, ski jump, and all the rest!

We use the finest materials available and have developed special construction methods to ensure maximum durability, comfort and safe performance. We use fabrics with a wicking quality to draw moisture away from perspiration areas. For safety we use Velcro closures and plastics for antennae, body hoops and eyes. For convenience and budget, our mascots can be home-laundered. Our hats, bodies, jerseys, gloves, pants, foot covers, and even some heads, are machine wash and dry.

A new mascot takes 2-3 weeks to create. We also build partial costumes, such as heads, and we can repair mascots from other companies. Ballpark estimates are available from information you provide. Or you can contact us to receive a detailed design quote. Let us know how we can help you!

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