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Spetz Productions designs mascots with performance in mind! Your sports mascot needs to run, jump, tumble, and play with your fans. It must reflect your winning reputation, while appealing to a wide range of fans. It also needs to be durable, washable, and packable. Our mascots have gymnastic mobility and easy maintenance. We can design a mascot to perform your team sport or to be your best cheerleader.

Our college mascots have earned the Universal Cheerleaders Association's #1 mascot award eight times since the 1980s. In 2003 three of the seven top college mascots featured on CNN and ESPN were longtime clients of Spetz Productions. Check out which teams use Spetz Mascots!

Spetz mascots are user-friendly: easy to see out of, and easy to wear. We make lightweight mascots with lightweight heads for your gymnastic performers. We use fabrics that evaporate perspiration quickly and can be laundered easily and often. We use Velcro and plastics, not metal or wires, to make performing and dressing fast, easy, and safe.

From high schools to colleges to professional leagues, all Spetz mascots are designed using identical techniques, because quality and safety matter.

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